How to Throw a Perfectly Spooky Halloween Party

How to Throw a Perfectly Spooky Halloween Party

Posted by Audrey Georgia on 29th Aug 2022

Once you reach a certain age, trick-or-treating is still so acceptable. It's party time on Halloween. Additionally, it's a fantastic reason to dress up and get frightening. Start coming up with ideas for your own Spooky Halloween Party now, and let's get going.

1. Decide on a theme and stick with it. 

Setting a theme and getting really into it with costumes and decor will turn your party from forgettable to memorable, whether it's puns, your favorite TV program, or '90s pop culture. Consider a person wearing a potato chip on their shoulder or a breadwinner dressed in gold medals and whole wheat slices for clever costumes. If you want to recreate the 1990s, decorate your walls with old boy band posters and play music and TV episodes from that time period in the background. When it comes to creating a certain atmosphere, no minute detail is ever wasted.

2. Place a DIY costume table there. 

It's almost a given that some of your attendees won't stick to your theme, even if your invitations made that plain. By setting up a costume booth so people may arrive decked up in themed accessories, you can fight their lethargy. For that '90s party, you can still provide scrunchies, slap bracelets, trucker hats, and other readily available accessories even if you can't afford to buy a bunch of denim jackets. All of your guests will seem fashionable if you do it that way.

3. Step up your candy-making 

Bowls of fun-size chocolate bars are for trick-or-treaters, not an adult party, even though Halloween is all about the candy. By replacing the typical charcuterie and cheeses with a variety of fruits like figs, plums, and blood oranges as well as treats like candy corn, chocolate bark, and wrapped candies, you can upgrade your snack bar. With a SOLO plate in hand, the finger foods make it simple for visitors to eat and socialize while also requiring little cleaning. Additionally, you'll undoubtedly receive praises on your discerning palette.

4. Scare guests with your baking skills

Whether you're planning a small get-together or an elaborate bash, you'll be sure to impress your guests with your baking skills. Not only can you make delicious treats, but you also took the time to put together some truly unique ideas. So be sure to show your skills off this Halloween, and scare everyone away with some of your delicious creations!They don't have to be complicated to be impressive, either. Instead of covering brownies with a layer of frosting, try turning them into "mummies" with piping white icing. Or make ghost bananas with frozen white chocolate: start by dipping half of a banana in melted white chocolate, then add some chocolate chips for eyes. Let them harden in the freezer for a scary treat! horrifying?It's not really a good idea to do that. Does this delicious dish look like something you would enjoy? Yes, I completely agree. Put a stack of SOLO plates next to your treat buffet so that guests can mix and match their own treats. Then they'll be sure to come back for more!

5. Freak everyone out with scary stories and tarot cards

  • If you want to give your guests a real scare, dim the lights and encourage everyone to get really quiet. Partygoers can then take turns telling their very best ghost stories -- this is your time to wax nostalgic and pull out the old Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Or, if you’ve got a friend who dabbles in tarot readings, have them bring along their cards and set up shop. Make the tarot-reading corner spookier with a candle and eerie harp music on the speaker (if it’s quiet enough around), and you’ve got yourself a truly spooky Halloween party.

6. Decor your own house with everything relating to Halloween season

From the welcoming doormat to the garden flag/house flag, and the drinkware on the party table, you can use the exclusive designs of Moosfy, these decor things are so deserved to be place in your Halloween Spooky Party.